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CTP Inframe Kits for Engines 3054, 3056, 3066, 3116, 3208, 3304, 3306, 3406, C15 and more – Features: • Superior durability to give extended life between overhauls. According to the Cat web site, they recommend to speck axle ratios and tire sizes like this: Cat C13, Multi-torque 80,000 lb GVW 430-hp, 1550/1750 lb-ft 1325 rpm @ 65 mph Cat C15, Multi-Torque 80,000 lb GVW 435-hp, 1550/1750 lb-ft 1325 rpm @ 65 mph Includes: pistons, rings, wrist pins, locks, cylinder liners, seals, rod bearings, washer plate, & more! Share this conversation. Please provide this information when ordering to ensure accuracy*. That's why, Don't leave your sealing products to chance. Shop our Caterpillar C15 ACERT Inframe Kit! This Is The Place For Those That Are Serious About Truck Fuel Economy. We are at your service! Add to cart. interstate mcbee . caterpillar c7 inframe overhaul kit . We sell one of the best part in the market today, equal or better than cat. Engine Overhaul Kits for the Cat® C15 ACERT Engine. CATERPILLAR 3406 "GOLD" INFRAME KIT. Re-Ring Inframe Kit CAT C13 Sale Price. Superior durability to give extended life between overhaul repairs. Highway and Heavy Parts is in no way associated, sponsored, or affiliated with any OEM manufacturer. This is a factory OEM kit that the following have been MicroBlue® coated: ... CATERPILLAR C-13 "PLATINUM" INFRAME KIT. 2-Year Parts and Labor Warranty, Built to OEM Specifications, Fast Shipping, Delivery in 2-Days or Less to most areas. Order Genuine Cat® Parts Direct Now. Cylinder heads in imperfect condition may lead to cylinder liner damage. We carry a wide selection of engine rebuild kits for Caterpillar Engines. Reduced repair time and downtime; Incredible savings to keep your engine running profitably. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. 3263.14 $ Add To Cart. 6 standard connecting rod bearings. Learn more here! Free Ground Shipping on Kits over $2,000.00. Cat C-13 C-15 Acert Twin to Single Turbo Conversion Kit for Freightliner,Peterbuilt,International, and Kenworth Caterpillar Performance S430SX 80mm with 1.45 A/R Non-Wastegated Exhaust For C15,C16 & … Cat C13 Overhaul Kit - NEW Item: MB MCIF3882310. • Inframe Kits may be built to oversize specifications.. CATERPILLAR 6NZ "PLATINUM" INFRAME KIT; CATERPILLAR 6NZ "PLATINUM" INFRAME KIT. INFRAME RE-RING KIT CAT C13. If you have any inquiries regarding any of our engine rebuild kits or if you would like to order, please don’t hesitate to call us at (928)208-5777. c7 inframe kit includes . Cat® articulated trucks haul a wide spectrum of material in a variety of applications and ground conditions. *Engine rebuild kits are serial number specific. There are no reviews yet. New Agriculture and Industrial Alternators, Additional Manufacturer Policies / Warranty’s / Returns, Stone Equipment Parts: When to Replace Your Heavy Equipment Parts, Stone Equipment Parts: The Highest Quality Parts at the Best Possible Prices, Re-Ring Inframe Engine Rebuild Kit for Caterpillar C13 Engines. Hide remove. All this at a fraction of the price! Cat C13 Overhaul Kit - NEW Item: MB MCOH3882310. $1,799.00 USD. Actual product may vary. caterpillar c7 rebuild kit . • Incredible savings to keep your engine running profitably. ... Cat® C13 Cat® C13 Net Power 408 HP 304 kW Operating Weight 130955 lb 59400 kg. ** Pictures shown are for illustration purposes only. Free shipping. This C13 engine kit is IPD brand. Details: Parts Included in Inframe Engine Kit (6) Cylinder Kits (Liner, Piston, Rings, Pin, Retainer, Seals) … Parts Included in Inframe Rebuild Kit (6) Liner Kits (Sleeve/Liner, Piston, Rings, Wrist Pin, Liner Seals) (6) Rod Bearings (1) Main Bearing Set (1) Upper Gasket Set (1) Oil Pan Gasket **Note: Some engines use a Isolation Seal Type Oil Pan Gasket (OE# 168-5248). Kit,Eng.Inf. Reviews. A Leader in Aftermarket Products. Send to a Friend. Copyright © 2021 Highway and Heavy Parts. Products from Highway and Heavy Parts presented in this web site are not to be confused with any of the products or trademarks of any OEM company. ISX119081 - Cummins ISX 15 Litre Engine Inframe Kit * 152 mm liners. Keep your diesel engine running optimally for less with one of our Caterpillar C13 piston less Engine in frame Re Ring Kits. Reviews. Caterpillar C13 Inframe Kit – Re Ring – Piston Less. Underground Mining Load Haul Dump (LHD) Loaders ... a range of underground hard rock mining equipment and solutions to meet your high production demands and lower your cost per ton. 6 cylinder kits includes piston ring set pin retainers no liners in cat c7. - 6 Pistons - Piston Rings Set - 6 Wrist Pins - Wrist Pin Locks - 6 Cylinder Liners - Liner Seals - Connecting Rod Bearing Set - Main Bearing Set - Thrust Washer Plate Kit - Inframe C13. AFA Industries. Cat C13 Overhaul Kit - NEW Item: MB MCIF3882310-1. For these … Add to Cart. In no way is it implied that the products listed to fit these manufacturer’s models are original equipment parts, rather they are replacement aftermarket parts and accessories. All Rights Reserved. All parts listed to fit these manufacturers models are replacement aftermarket parts. CATERPILLAR 6NZ "GOLD" INFRAME KIT. 1 standard main bearing set . INFRAME OVERHAUL KIT 14.0L DETROIT 60 SERIES 1 PC PISTON. C13 Rebuild Kits On this cat c-13 the crank shaft broke right on the 4 rod position 30 days after out of frame was done..i did not remove - Answered by a verified Technician. Hello I am doing full Inframe on cat c13 Acert I need all the torque specs and all other details and tips that I shoud keep in mind while working on it Thanks. Print (844) 707-9655. Shipping. Engine In-Frame Overhaul Rebuild Kit | CAT C13 quantity Add to cart SKU: DRK-C13-ACERT-IFK Categories: CAT C Series , Engine Rebuild Kits Tags: C13 , Cat C13 , Rebuild Kits Platinum Engine Overhaul Kits for the Cat® C13 Engine. Shop Caterpillar C13 Inframe Kits at Highway and Heavy Parts. It's good to trust the parts, it's better to trust the hands who give you the parts. (C13) 3213.00 $ Add To Cart. • Reduced break in oil consumption for greater economy. Be first to Write a Review. INFRAME OVERHAUL KITS & PREMIUM OVERHAUL KITS. Make sure to check the condition of your cylinder head before installing cylinder liners. Kit - Inframe C13. Shipping. Shop Caterpillar C15 Acert Inframe Rebuild Kits at Highway and Heavy Parts. Country UNITED STATES. View. (0 reviews) $ 1,895.00 Select options. 6 months warranty from date of installation The Cat C13 Pistonless Re-Ring Inframe Rebuild kit comes with - 6 complete piston ring sets, 6 wrist pins, 6 snap rings, 6 cylinder liners, seals/o-rings, 6 connecting rod bearings, complete set of main bearings including thrust washers, Complete upper gasket set and oil pan gasket. Compare models. We hope you’ll return often to see how we’re transforming this product line to run cleaner, deliver improved results, and take our customers to the next level of autonomy and technology capability. State Zip/Postal. Quantities and prices are not guaranteed until you place your order. Buy the parts you need to get the job done. Shop Cat Parts. 6 x Rod Bearing Std. C15102010 - CAT C15 MBN Inframe Kit * 225-0115. An Out-of-Frame Platinum Overhaul Rebuild Kit for the CAT C15 Acert Engines | MXS – BXS – NXS – SDP. Cat LHDs are transforming as we roll out new products like the R1700, update models with new, ultra-clean EU Stage V diesel engines, and complete work on our zero emissions R1700 model. 3263.14 $ Add To Cart. Cat® C13 Cat® C13 Gross Power - ISO 14396 361 HP 269 kW Nominal Payload Capacity 33069 lb 15000 kg. Email us (844) 707-9655. New Inframe Kit for CATERPILLAR C13 with serial number Kcb Piston P/N and head gasket Kit include: 6 piston. Frequently Bought Together . includes: 6 x Cylinder Kit Packs (Liner, Piston, Ring-Set, Pin, Retainers & Liner O-rings ) 6 x Connecting Rods; 7 x Main Bearing Std. Sale Price: CALL FOR PRICE Product Description RE-RING KIT FOR A CATERPILLAR C13 ENGINE / ALL NEW PARTS / 2 YEAR FACTORY WARRANTY / CONTACT US WITH ENGINE SERIAL NUMBER INCLUDES: Cylinder Liners with Seals, Piston Ring Set, Piston Pins & Retainers, Connecting Rod Bearing Set, Main Bearing Set, Upper Gasket Set, and Oil Pan Gasket. RE-RING KIT FOR A CATERPILLAR C13 ENGINE / ALL NEW PARTS / 2 YEAR FACTORY WARRANTY / CONTACT US WITH ENGINE SERIAL NUMBER We would be happy to assist you. 1-844-218-8586. Cat C13 Overhaul Kit - NEW Item: PA C13101-017. Show Less. We Offer Low Friction Wheel Bearings, Custom Built Transmissions And Differentials as well as OEM Inframe Kits. Product Description. We make sure that the, (6) Piston Body Assemblies, 3882310, 3220329, (6) Cylinder Liners, 4695315, 1979330, 1482130, 1300859, 1260130, 1152981, (6) C11 C13 Liner Seals, 4371409, 1043560, (6) Standard Rod Bearings, 2920484, 292-0484, 1161089, (4) Main Bearings, 2110587, 1161108, 116-1108, (2) Turbo Lines Group Gaskets, 1978418, 197-8418, (2) Turbo Lines Group Gaskets, 1978419, 197-8419, (3) O-Ring Seals, IJ-9671, 780646, 780630, 5E2703, 5E-2703, 3K8459, 3K-8459, 1J9671, 078-0646, 078-0630, (6) General Use O-Ring Seals, 217-7566, 2147566, (1) General Use O-Ring Seal, 2147567, 214-7567, 1376667, 137-6667, (14) General Use O-Ring Seals, 2147568, 214-7568, (1) Press In Place Seal, 2246361, 224-6361, (1) Exhaust Manifold Gasket, 2303518, 230-3518, (1) O-Ring Seal, 2431935, 243-1935, 1195892, 119-5892, (1) Turbocharger Gasket, 2937638, 2739974, (2) Plug Seals, CAT335853, 335853, 0335853, 033-5853, (2) General Use O-Ring Seals, 952720, 8U0222, 8U-0222, 7X5427, 7X-5427, 773175, 3K6850, 3K-6850, 3D2824, 3D-2824, 306805, 1C3804, 1C-3804, 095-2720, 077-3175, 065062, 056504, 045005, 043919, 030-6805, 006-5062, 005-6504, 004-5005, 004-3919, (5) Fuel Line O-Ring Seals, 8U0365, 8U-0365, 683673, 3K7508, 3K-7508, 3J1907, 3J-1907, 3D7455, 3D-7455, 333743, 2C1951, 2C-1951, 2166158, 216-6158, 068-3673, 033-3743, (1) O-Ring Seal, 9X0935, 9X-0935, 5P7814, 5P-7814, (5) O-Ring Seals, 9X0934, 9X-0934, 6V5048, 6V-5048, 1887535, 188-7535, (4) O-Ring Seals, 6V5063, 6V-5063, 2587205, 258-7205, (1) O-Ring Seal, 6V6353, 6V-6353, 1154282, 115-4282, 0774849, 077-4849, (1) O-Ring Seal, 7L9061, 7L3381, 7L-9061, 7L-3381, (6) O-Ring Seals, 8L2777, 8L-2777, 6L9795, 6L-9795, (6) Injector Tube O-Ring Seals, 9X7430, 9X-7430, (24) Valve Stem Seals, B45978, 1Y4025, 1Y-4025, 1632478, 163-2478, 1026229, 102-6229, (6) Single Fuel Injector Gasket Sets, GS33521, 2481394, 1895390, (6) O-Ring Seals, 9X7418, 9X-7418, 2303728, 230-3728, (6) O-Ring Seals, 9X7419, 9X-7419, 2303775, 230-3775, (6) Fuel Injector O-Ring Seals, 9X7317, 9X-7317, 6I1420, 6I-1420. Ask Your Own Medium and Heavy Trucks Question. We have a huge supply of equipment parts and we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Your Price: $12,199.00 (plus core) : Product Description. Engine Model 3406B. 1 head gasket kit . Calculate Shipping. C15101010 - CAT C15 6NZ Inframe Kit * 1807352. All Rights Reserved. The Platinum Level is the most complete rebuild option we offer. Simple operation and automotive style comfort along with combined service points and extended service intervals mean these dump trucks let you focus on your work spending less time and money on servicing. Part# IF23533596 $3,842.68. This, We know you work hard for your money. $3,470.00. We stress quality here at HHP because you deserve the best parts out there. Regular price $3,795.50 View. Free shipping caterpillar c7 inframe kit . All Engine Kit's Are Verified Before Processing. PAI Brand # C13101-001. To ensure your satisfaction, upon selecting an engine kit, you will be asked to provide specific information about your Vehicle and Engine to verify that the kit matches your engine. Buy Parts Manuals. Answered in … Caterpillar 3406B (Stock #KIF0539M/62/CS) Engines & Engine Parts / Inframe Kits. Located in City of Industry, CA, US. View. 2 Year Unlimited Mileage Parts & Labor Warranty, Delivery in 2-Days or Less to most areas. Cat Reman parts offer the same quality as new Cat parts, at a fraction of the cost. Camrose, Alberta Engine Make Caterpillar. Call the following number for the part. Show More. The Platinum Level is the most complete rebuild option we offer. Cookie Policy . Regular price $4,035 View. 2 x Thrust Plate Std. Call 888-642-6460. Send us a message and we will get back to you: RE-RING KIT FOR A CATERPILLAR C13 ENGINE / ALL NEW PARTS / 2 YEAR FACTORY WARRANTY / CONTACT US WITH ENGINE SERIAL NUMBER Quality products with the best technology available in the market. Inframe Engine Overhaul Rebuild Kit for Caterpillar C13. INCLUDES: Cylinder Liners with Seals, Piston Ring Set, Piston Pins & Retainers, Connecting Rod Bearing Set, Main Bearing Set, Upper Gasket Set, and Oil Pan Gasket. ©2020 StoneEquipmentparts. The Cat ® C13 Industrial Diesel Engine is offered in ratings ranging from 287-388 bkW (385-520 bhp) @ 1800-2100 rpm.

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