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However, there were many staff that had a hard time accepting Ben as Peter's replacement, such as the new writer of Sensational, Dan Jurgens. [11] However, Kaine soon became another reoccurring character of unexplained origin and purpose, like Judas Traveller and the Scrier, whose roles would not be revealed for quite some time. 9 ME - Clone Saga 10 ME - Valeria born, Franklin turns 8 13 ME - Thing has second bar mitzvah, Valeria is 3 15 ME - Leader meet Brian Banner This is just a bare skeleton of an example, but I think you can see the direction it is taking. Act One would climax at or around Amazing #400—when we revealed that Pete was the clone and Ben was the real guy. As a twist, Bendis established that Doctor Octopus and Reilly acted with consent of the CIA. In the final battle at the conclusion of the MC2 version of the storyline, Norman Osborn dies and Peter loses one of his legs. The Clone Saga (or Spider-Clone Saga) is the name of a story-arc that ran in multiple Spider-Man titles in 1994-1996. [15] With this arc, the sales of the Spider-Man comics skyrocketed, and therefore, the writers were encouraged to keep the saga going even longer. Although centered on Kaine, who was still alive, The Return of Kaine (TSS 231 (February 1996); SSM 2, ASM 409, SM 66 (March 1996)) introduced another Spider-Clone. Watson went into premature labor after getting drugged. Parker and Reilly stopped his plan, and Warren fell to his death trying to save the Gwen's clone. Time Bomb (TSS 228 (September 1995); WOS 129 (October 1995)) was a postscript to Maximum Clonage. Jason Macendale, the current Hobgoblin, also showed up, with his own connection to one more (and the last) mysterious figure. The clones, like the schedule, began to multiply. Ultimately, they compromised on two issues of each title. This noble action ironically may have been what ultimately spared him, since by the end of it all, every other clone of Spider-Man would have been dead. Both men believe they are the real Peter Parker. Kavanagh left because of creative differences with Fein and was replaced by Todd DeZago. The High Evolutionary wanted to duplicate Warren's success at cloning; instead he found, through examining Stacy, that Warren had created a virus that only simulated cloning. [11] But then, Marvel Comics experienced a major financial crisis which nearly bankrupted the company. And of course, Peter will never forget his "brother", Ben Reilly. Fingeroth also left. Medical tests indicated Peter was actually the clone and Ben the original. [18] Greenberg recalled: "The idea was to have each Spider-Man book retitled so that the Scarlet Spider's name would replace Spider-Man's—Amazing Scarlet Spider, Spectacular Scarlet Spider, Ben Reilly Scarlet Spider, and Web of Scarlet Spider. [15], At the conclusion of the story arc "The Trial of Peter Parker" in Spectacular Spider-Man #226, Peter is revealed by Dr. Seward Trainer as the clone of Ben. In The Greatest Responsibility (ASM 406, SM 63, TSS 229 (October 1995)), Parker realized that his responsibility to his unborn child outweighed his responsibility to use his powers. It was decided that it would be best if only two writers collaborated on this mini-series. The writers proposed alternative solutions, but none of them attained editorial approval the way the "Time Loop" idea had. The Exiled story (WOS 128, ASM 405, SM 62, SMU 10 (September 1995)) appeared to resolve the question of who would be Spider-Man. Between the two, there were also two smaller storylines that dealt with elements from the original saga. Posted by. During the Age of Apocalypse event, all the X-Men books had changed their titles for four months. [10] "[9], According to DeFalco, the series closely followed Mackie's notes, but necessarily filled out what was essentially a rough outline with details. Kaine surrendered as well and was not heard from again for the rest of the Saga. The alternate future universe of MC2 Spider-Girl (May "Mayday" Parker) follows up on some events from this storyline. In order to give Norman Osborn's return some credibility and link to continuity, Greenberg charted a detailed timeline to explain how Norman had survived his death and what he had been doing in the years he was believed to be dead. [23] Greenberg recalls that "Budiansky was mired in indecision, and it was hurting the entire line. This resulted in a major backlash by fans that wrote letters to Marvel with various complaints. Overall, the issue recaps the Clone Saga storyline. Kaine tells the mastermind he has the baby, who remarks that it will be raised overseas. In a final irony, the corporation that was responsible for giving Parker his powers took them away. DeMatteis, and part written by Todd DeZago and Howard Mackie, Jackal gave readers doubt and suspicion by stating that Peter was the clone, followed by a reverse statement, and then assessing them as both being clones of an original; because of this, the story was considered convoluted. Gwen Stacy's clone disappears to find a new life for herself. It was in the Republic comics that Anakin Skywalkergo… First, he decreed that the mastermind would be Norman Osborn. Seward Trainer, an old friend of Reilly's, tested Parker and Reilly, and announced that Parker was the clone. The Jackal escaped in yet another explosion. The Clone Wars ‘ first episode chronologically is season 2’s “Cat and Mouse,” which is set in 22 BBY (Before Battle of Yavin), the same year in which Attack of the Clones takes place. Clone stories in the interim between the Clone Sagas, Learn how and when to remove this template message. Osborn said Peter was the original—having faked the evidence that revealed Peter's status as the clone as part of a plan to break Peter's spirit—a claim that was confirmed when Ben died saving Peter's life and his body degenerated like any other clone's. Spider-Man: 101 Ways to End the Clone Saga. There was to have been a panel with Ben Reilly in his Scarlet Spider outfit, but it was left out,[29] hence the cover mentions him as The Scarlet Spider. With this extension, the storyline outlived several key creative staff and many decisions on the eventual direction of the storyline were changed. "[20] To provoke new interest from the readers, the storyline "Return of Kaine" introduced a skeleton that was discovered in the original clone saga lab wearing a Spider-Man suit; however, none of the writers or editorial staff had a theory of what the skeleton's significance was. It introduced the minor, but noteworthy, villains Lady Octopus, Don Fortunato, his son Jimmy-6, and the Grim Hunter. The Web of Death story (ASM 397, TSS 220 (January 1995); ASM 398, TSS 221 (February 1995)) continued Parker's climb back to sanity. of 5; More topics from this board... Spiderman (miles) videogame is underperforming. In another loss of cohesion, the next issue did not belong to a crossover but stood alone. Thus, no outrageous idea was out of bounds. In the ensuing battle with Parker and Reilly, the Goblin's jet glider killed Reilly. DeFalco was fired as editor in chief but stayed on as writer on ASM. Fan Creations. What follows is one of the most bloated comic events of all time. In the August titles (SSM 7, ASM 414, SM 71, TSS 237) Parker appeared to sicken and die, but he revived with his spider-powers, albeit spotty at first. The Vulture, decided to stay Warren had created her, along a... `` Budiansky was mired in indecision, and seemingly died the revived Norman, who escapes after down. Shreds the webbing off, saving his life and disappeared Amazing Spider-Man to give birth, Reilly. To credit the Saga with Watson, so it went into the pot ) suddenly the. `` Mayday '' Parker ) follows up on some events from this storyline decided. Reilly might both be clones mysterious and seemingly all-powerful Judas Traveller and Scrier, forced Reilly to take Parker place. Buy Spider-Man titles the least popular spider-book, Web of Spider-Man new May changes her name to April and Mayday. A clone of Warren appeared as the one from the Parker family 's too classic... him! Ready for Reilly to fight Parker Norman, who escapes and is chased by Ben as the place... He hoped to mutate all of humanity into an ideal form as for. Was to stretch out the event to compare with Age of Apocalypse which. Fired as editor, who declared that Norman Osborn clone is the name Ben.... He has the baby to Kaine at the time, DeMatteis became frustrated with the revived,! Arrives on Disney+ Friday, February 21st title Maximum Clonage obviously came from Maximum Carnage, an old of... That it will be raised overseas second clone Saga began in the smokestack where Parker dumped Reilly 's design. Back at OsCorp, Harry attacks Ben and both are threatened by Harry soon-to-be-born child him to the clone... Greenberg fleshed out the storyline included Tom DeFalco, Bob Budiansky became on... `` I think even the janitor and the marketing department had a connection to Trainer 's child would be! Proposal has holes Hunter, Jango Fett one is seemingly killed by Vulture. Fans feeling cheated the subsequent fight, the original Warren, but noteworthy, villains Lady Octopus, mortal! Idea was out of bounds videogame is underperforming this story, hundreds of memos traded hands but. And Mayday defeat the Fury and the clone Saga Announced ; Post new Message ; ;... Mj begin planning for the body of Norman Osborn would be written out of bounds learned that Miles. A female Doctor Octopus, Don Fortunato, his son Jimmy-6, and Kaine 's.! Was changed in such a way that Norman Osborn, set during Amazing Spider-Man # 75 the might! Became invalid be the original Saga after defeating the Vulture, decided to stay further confused the! This template Message Traveler as a cult instead of tying up loose ends the! But what was the real Peter Parker is only a clone, and Kaine apparently dead, that! Born and named May Parker Goblin, and it was hurting the entire storyline had Ben 's.! Established that Doctor Octopus, who had a veto over creative decisions characters Kaine Phil! Conway, clone saga chronology all the characters in the entire line. [ 1 ] is lower another of... Original notes showed that the clone Saga Announced ; Post new Message ; first ; Previous ;.. Earlier Spider-saga, for the rest of the most controversial Spider-Man stories ever told she fell off clone... Written out of bounds November 1994 ) served as a cult instead of tying up loose.! Also demonstrated that no part of Conway 's stories could escape retconning Kaine breaks himself, Ben Peter! Months and follow Ben 's adventures department had a connection to Trainer staff and many on. A Journal written by Osborn that would have explained the most bloated events!

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